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Alternative input devices

Monday 28th of April, 2003 – Permalink

I've long been a believer in a utopia where we all are freed from the bonds of QWERTY keyboards... Let's face it, keyboards are over one hundred year old technology, and really not that great. Typing isn't that natural, after all.

Much to my excitement, ExtremeTech has been reviewing a bunch of alternative input devices the past week. I'm not sure I'd like to use any one of them permanently, but they sure look like innovative technology to me. It's great to see some development in the sector, despite numerous failures in the past. Catch the goodness here.

On another note... This week is weird, having two Mondays, two Fridays one Saturday and two Sundays. Weird as opposed of the usual four-Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday week rythm that is. What do you mean this makes no sense? Let me explain...

My week system

My week system has four days: a Monday is a day when you're working and you've got work tomorrow as well. A Friday is a day you're working, but you're free the next day. A Saturday is a day when you're free, and free the next day as well. Finally, a Sunday is a day when you're free, but you have work the next day.

Now, the reason why this week is even weirder is the fact that we have labour day here on Thurday, which results in a week with three days work, one day free, one day work, two days free. You can do the math, right?

Usually my system works great... it's really all you need when keeping track of what to do when, after all the names of the days are pretty insignificant, but when it's the fourth Monday of the week you know it's going to be friday tomorrow, and that can't be bad, can it?

Maybe I should just shut up now. Yes, I'll do that.

Roads, and where to build them

Wednesday 23rd of April, 2003 – Permalink

If you ask me, roads should be built where people are walking in any case. A good example of this principle is Sanomatalo in Helsinki. When Sanomatalo was being planned there was a path leading diagonally through the plot where the building was to be built. Now, there is a diagonal walkway straight through the bulding, where the path use to be. Best of both worlds... and the shops in building certainly don't mind at all.

Now, take my neighbourhood as a bad example: Whenever I go to the mall, gym, or bus stop I have a road under my feet 95% of the way. But for some reason there is a spot where there is no road, a muddy slip maybe 10 meters across. I walk through there, as does everyone else. If I were to follow the roads available I'd have to do at least double the distance.

The thing I don't get is why on earth couln't they add the 10 extra meters of road so that hundreds of people wouln't have to watch out for getting their shoes all covered in mud every day? Why? I guess I should ask the people doing the planning instead of ranting here...

On another note: The US government has finally lost it. Now they're cancelling grants to open source projects since these products being created by these efforts could be used for... waaaait for it... Terrorism! Catch the riots on Slashdot...


Thursday 17th of April, 2003 – Permalink

I don't really have anything to say at the moment, so it's probably best to just stay silent... I'll just waste some of your precious time by wishing you a happy easter. There, now you can get on with your life.

It's my music! Mine I tell you!

Thursday 10th of April, 2003 – Permalink

Just read a news article about the sales of recordings having decreased in the Finnish market. The article went on about how piracy (mostly CD burning and music sharing) are claimed to be the main reasons for slower sales...

I've got another reason. CD copy protection. I refuse to buy copy protected CD's. I've got hundreds of MP3's on my computer, and a vast majority are MP3's I've created from music I've bought. I've estimated I've spent around a thousand euros/dollars on music. Once I've bought a CD I expect to be able to listen to it on any device, including converting the music to MP3's and listening to it without having to swap around and scratch over a hundred CD's.

OK, let's be realistical here... I don't think this is such a major reason to why people aren't buying music, but if you ask me it's a damn good one.

PS. Pirate my music.

Not dead yet

Monday 7th of April, 2003 – Permalink

Last week was pretty much overbooked, mental resource -wise, that is. Mondays are always slow, no excuse needed there. Tuesday got used up preparing for a job related trip to Sweden on Wednesday and Thursday. Finnair naturally decided to manage to delay my flight back on Thursday evening. I got home around midninght but still had to get up at a completely ungodly hour on friday morning... I was practically braindead most of friday.

Fortunately, that in no longer the case. On a more interresting and less narcissistic note I found this really cool guide on how to set up your own soda fountain (OK, so I linked it straght off Slashdot). Anyway, cool stuff.