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Still married

Thursday 7th of August, 2003 – Permalink

The wedding went great, so did the honeymoon. Unfortunately I'm now back to work, although it does have it's bright sides. Married life is very much alike what we were doing before, which was living toghether. I'm really happy about the whole thing. I'd like to thank everyone who attended the wedding, and yes, the thank-you cards will be sent sooner or later...

Right now my life is dominated with scrambling things together related to the whole forced leave thing (see below, June 23rd), combined with wedding expences. It's not like I'm running out of money but there's lot's to do and less time to do it in... or something.

Relating to money, here is a quite ingenious piece... Take a nice holiday, buy 24 cases of wine, or go for a Gainward Nvidia card


Saturday 30th of August, 2003 - 00:12 – Permalink

I've been on forced leave this week. One would think this would leave me with lots of time to spare. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I've been working on a programming project with a friend of mine, and during the week I've only produced around 300 lines of code. It seems the more time you have to spare the more stuff keeps coming up.

I had my birthday earlier this week. Amusingly I forgot all about it myself. I only realized it was my birthday when I looked at my cellphone in the morning and read the congratulations from my parents. My wife on the other hand remembered my birthday, but forgot which day it was, or so she claims. In honour of all this, here's a list of actors related to my date of birth, which, I might add, I don't reconize any of.

While I'm at it, do you know what a Bacon number is?

May the spam be with you

Thursday 21st of August, 2003 – Permalink

OK, so the heading makes no sense. Anyway, today my mailserver (the one I use, that is) was hit by a flood of virus-infected emails. My friend who administers the server reported a peak rate of one mail per second, and this is a server which has under fifty accounts on it.

The people writing these things should really get a good and proper spanking. Microsoft should too. The people writing viree are obviously the ones at blame, but sadly, the truth is that Microsoft made it all possible. If one could harness all the mental energy gone to waste cleaning up after these things we'd have solved the earths energy problems by now...

But the most annoying thing is having all these rather good programmers throwing their potential away writing viree. It can serve as a good exercise in a controlled environment, but it's no hobby. And if you ask me, the really destructive viree haven't been seen yet. Even with my limited programming skills and basic knowledge of distributed and peer to peer systems I claim I could produce a much more destructive virus than the current breed. Fortunately guns don't kill people, people kill people, and I'm not a triggerhappy kind of guy.

These are not the droids that you are looking for.

Friday 15th of August, 2003 – Permalink

Obi-Wan Kenobi I am surprised to announce that I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. What I have done to deserve this honour I have no idea. I finished the bureaucratic hoop-jumping this morning by snailmailing all requested documents to the commity in charge of deciding if I'm working full time or not. I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.

I also have absolutely nothing sensible to say today, so I'd better stop while I'm still sounding even remotely sane...

Jump, Fido Jump!

Wednesday 13th of August, 2003 – Permalink

I'm still in the middle of jumping through numerous bureaucratic hoops on the courtecy of the ministry of labour (June 23rd, below, still applies). I've supplied them with all they asked for and now they need more. For some reason the commity in charge of evaluating if I'm working full time or not needs references from my previous jobs in order to make a decision. Why they do so I have no idea.

I fail to see why my calculations on graduating in fifty years at my current rate of studying is insufficient proof of my studies being recreational in nature. Especially when combined with the fact that I am indeed working full time, and paying all my taxes.

Diamonds, invisibility

Are you into diamonds? Me neither, but then again I'm into ever-increasing computer processing speed... We'll we're both into diamonds, then.

Anonymous doings on the net, is there such a thing? This comment on Slashdot does a fairly good job on arguing that there is, if you take the necessary precautions.