Wednesday 10th of December, 2003 - 11:50 – Permalink

There is close to nothing worth mentioning floating around on the web today. Fortunately, I've read a few good books lately, so for your pleasure, recommendations and comments to unravel.

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

Seldom has a book left me amazed, amused, terrified and sad in varying degree and order, more or less as the same time. One would think that a book about the fast food industry would be utterly and totally boring, but in this case one would be wrong. I won't comment on any specifics, as I would probably get it wrong. Therefore I will keep to recommending this book warmly to anyone over 15. I also recommend reading the second edition, as there are some nice additions which wrap the book up rather well.

Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic by Terry Jones

Thoroghly enjoyable. Even when read in short passages at 06:45 - 06:55 in the morning, on a perfectly regular diesel powered bus.

No links?

I decided not to provide any links to facilitate buying these books, as I don't wish to be biased in this respect. Google can probably help you out.