The quest for silence

Wednesday 4th of June, 2003 – Permalink

Have you noticed how computer noise levels have increased over the years? For one, I sure have! Ever since I started making music I've been playing around with ideas of making my computer more silent. Today I'm going to start reporting on my current project-in-the-making.

My current case is a mid-tower case lined with self-adhesive sound isolating mat. This configuration works quite well, but does get quite warm. The problem has increased as I've gotten faster components. I've come to the conclusion a change has to be done.

My friend recently swapped his full tower case for a smaller case. I jumped to the opportunity straight away, and bought the case. My reason for wanting a big case is simple: More space leaves me more room to play around with.

Initial plans

I already have experience from my current case that placing isolating mats in the right places will help a lot. The problem then becomes how to achieve good airflow. My plan is to build channels for air intake and exhaust lined with sound absobing materials. I've built a prototype of foam rubber, a simple U-turn shaped labyrinth with a fan in one end. This configuration left me only with a faint hum in the non-fan end of the tunnel. Suffice to say I was very pleased.

I'm also planning to glue solid subber mats on the side panels and other large metal areas, to avoid resonance and sound travel through the metal casing. To fasten the mats I'm hoping to use plain old contact glue, which is only 15€ for a 1 litre jar.

At this stage it is also clear that I'm going to figure out a way to hang the harddrives inside the case using some kind of rubber strap configuration. This should make sure any sound made by the harddrives can't travel out straight through the case.

I'm hoping this project will be a sucess, time will tell. In any case I'll keep my virtually non-existant reader base informed.