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The heroes of our time

Friday 28th of March, 2003 – Permalink

I recieve maybe around 10 spam messages a day. Not much really, but it's enough to make me annoyed... I never put much thought to the fact that there are people who are dealing with these modern day systems parasites for a living... until I read a spam fighters tale. Would you have the mental strength needed in a job like that? I don't think I could take it myself.

Should Microsoft really be leading the way?

Thursday 27th of March, 2003 – Permalink

The Inquirer has an interresting article about how Microsoft is essentially showing the way for the graphics market, and everyone else seems to have no choice but to follow... Titled "Microsoft DirectX killing innovation", there are some good thoughts in there.

But I think there is more to it that just games and graphics. Microsoft has been enjoying a dominant position throughout the industry for quite some time now. Microsoft has also developed a nack for ignoring open standards, or developing slightly incompatible implementations of their own (JScript anyone?).

I hope it backfires.

Do we need more of 'em bits?

Tuesday 25th of March, 2003 – Permalink

It's been a while since the last update... I think it's best to keep quiet unless you have something sensible to say. Today, I do.

Spiked by a piece on the Inquirer, Slashdot is debating if we need 64 bit computing on the desktop or not. It's an interresting discussion... Personally I think that the most important aspect of all this is that we need to do the transition to the new architecture before reaching the bottlenecks of the existing one. That way the headaches can be avoided.

An IBM engineer once told by father that spellchecking in word processors wouln't be possible during his lifetime. Suffice it to say that my father hasn't turned sixty yet... I don't think we can anticipate the things that 64 bit computing will make possible, but I'm sure we will never see those things unless we have the 64 bit architecture to invent them on.

Thoughts on the war

Thursday 20th of March, 2003 – Permalink

As no doubt thousands of other people will do to I have decided to express some of my thoughts concerning the war on Iraq. I am against the war, but I also believe that the government of Iraq is in need of reform. I don't approve of the way the situation is being handled, but realize that a change from inside of Iraq would have been unrealistical. I just wish that a solution could have been found without an armed conflict. It's too bad we (humans) still resort to our fists after all this time..

Humanity is really still in it's infancy. I am somewhat sceptical that we will survive long enough to ever really grow up, but for the sake of humanity I try to keep up hope.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the readers of Slashdot do not live in a black and white world where president Bush's actions are automatically justified. The story on Slashdot is worth a look.

The Google philosophy

Tuesday 18th of March, 2003 – Permalink

I ran across this really good piece on Google by Fast Company. It's a really good read for anyone who wants to know what makes one of the most successful companies of our time tick. After all, which regular web users haven't used Google?

The customer's reality distortion field

Monday 17th of March, 2003 – Permalink

Last week I got a call from a person at one of our customers. The person wanted to know if X was tehnically possible. I told the person that it was, and gave an approximation of how long it would take to do. The person told me that that was all she needed to know at the time and thanked me for my time.

All was well.

This morning I got a mail from another person who works for the customer. The mail said: "Here is the data for X. You had apparently agreed to do X with person Y. Thanks!"

Isn't it strange how people tend to hear what they want? Saying It can be done ends up as We will do it. I'm sure most people who have done any job which involves customer contact knows what I mean. I just wish there was a way to turn off the reality distortion field.


I got bored with the boring blue look of the site. Hope you like the new look... You can always send me an angry flame if you feel outraged with the horrible change that I've made.


Saturday 15th of March, 2003 – Permalink

I discovered's Finnish bloglist. After my blog was added to the list this morning around 15 people have already looked at the site, according to my webserver refferal records anyway.. Scary, and flattering at the same time.

Orchs, swords and AI

Friday 14th of March, 2003 – Permalink

I ran across an interresting report on Weta Digital, the guys behind the spectacular effects of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (the movie, that is). Grab your dose here.

What happened to all the adventure games?

Wednesday 12th of March, 2003 – Permalink

I use to like playing adventure games, a lot. Unfortunately it seems like the genre is more or less dead... I've played things like Space Quest 1 lately instead of the new games because there's just something missing in today's games. Maybe it's that they are saturated with the smell of greed? I'm rambling.

Still, it's weird that the games industry is larger than the film industry, and still doesn't manage to produce a very significant number of truly enjoyable and replayable games... or do they?

Still here

Monday 10th of March, 2003 – Permalink

Last week was murder, or not nice time-wise anyway. I'm pretty much back on track but there's still not much free time to go around. Google seems to have dropped my site, which is wierd. I have to look into it.

If you're into quiet hardware I found something cool: Hush Technologies. I sumbitted the link to Slashdot aswell, but I am yet to see if it's accepted.