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Wednesday 7th of May, 2003 – Permalink

Labour day (the 1st of May) came and went, as did the weekend. Not much has happened that I have anything sensible to say about. I used the weekend to put together a Debian (GNU-) Linux based router/firewall. That isn't really much to brag about, but I'm proud none the less. The box uses a HomePNA card to connect to a switch in the basement of our house, and then has to create a PPTP tunnel to access the Internet. It's about as crazy as it sounds, actually. The reason why I'm using this setup is that the service is included in my rent. A dedicated DSL would be better, but would also cost extra. Big thanks goes to my friend Fabian Fageholm for the help!

On another note... I'm looking forward to the lauch of Apples music service in Europe, whenever that will happen. It's great that someone's finally gotten the ball rolling.