Watercooling going mainstream

Wednesday 14th of May, 2003 – Permalink

Watercooling? It's all about cooling stuff with water. Why water? Because water much more efficient at conducting heat than air... Anyway, I've been folloing the progress of PC watercooling for several years now, and seen the rise of the first commercial kits. They sucked.

Overclockers.com has a review of the Corsair HydroCool 200. I haven't felt like getting into watercooling before, but now I'm feeling like it's time to take the plunge. For me the biggest reason is reduced noise. Noise is bad, especially when making music...

Although with my luck, it'll take five years before you can get these in Finland.

When copy protection fails

I applaud the action taken by Stephen Marovitch in Melbourne when a copy-protected CD he bought failed to play in Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X... He copied the CD in order to listen to it... read all about it in The Age.