Embedding linux

Thursday 22nd of May, 2003 – Permalink

I've been lousy at updating the last week. Partly this is due to the fact that I managed to develop something of a typing injury (RSI) at work, and I've been treating it with... you guessed it, not typing.

I found an interresting page on the LinuxDevices site, it's an archive of Linux-based embedded devices. I found the PhatNoise PhatBox car mp3-server-masquerading-as-a-cd-changer very cool. It's a good thing I don't have a car at the moment... otherwise I'd have to get me one of these!

I hope you realize that this means war...

The Inquirer reports that a bunch of renegade MIT engineering students have managed to get nVidia's Dawn (aka Sexy Fairy) demo for the Geforce FX to work on ATI's DirectX 9 -based cards. The lucky owners of such cards can get the goodies and read more on rage3d.com

I wonder how nVidia is going to react. Up until now they'we been claiming that the Geforce FX is the only chip up to the task...