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Wednesday 1st of October, 2003 - 19:17 – Permalink

Today I had had a (statistically) huge spike of feedback. During the last year I've gotten pretty much no feedback at all on the stuff I stubbornly keep posting here. I suddenly found myself with two individual pieces of feedback within hours of each other. Mindblowing.

I'll just take the liberty to quote what Rizzn wrote: "despite your expressed feelings of bloggin inadaquacy, keep it up. I enjoy your writing style." I'm quite flattered. I guess I've got reason to be too, as this is my first actual spontaneous feedback on the monster that is this page (still working on a solution to the mess.)

I'm also quite happy to know that I made Scott's day.

I feel I've decided what to do with this blog for now. I'll write what I feel like, when I feel like it. The people who wish to will read, and maybe after five or ten years I'll even have a few regular readers. Who knows? I guess this is mostly for me, myself and I. Should be interresting reading in 20 years. Someone remind me to read this in 2023, OK? Note to self: modify this entry in 2023 to confirm if I did.