Out of focus

Monday 6th of October, 2003 - 11:24 – Permalink

Yet another weekend has flew by, I can't help feeling like it was Friday yesterday. I had no time to write, but I did get a nice MALM drawer chest from IKEA (Would link, but the IKEA site isn't responding.) I must say the people designing the assembly instructions at IKEA know what they're doing. There is not a single word in any language in the assembly instructions, but we had no problems at all. The goal is naturally to keep the prices down, no localization needed. None the less, I'm still impressed.

I tried posting this little story from the Helsingin Sanomat international edition to Slashdot, but sadly it was rejected... The summary says it all: Pictures taken with mobile phone showed up on neighbour's TV.

Below is the kind of link that should really be posted on a Friday, but what the hell... Ever seen the homepage of Jesus Christ? If you're inclined towards Christian fundamentalism you should probably pass, otherwise it's worth at least half a laugh.