A veritable fountain of good ideas

Thursday 9th of October, 2003 - 11:34 – Permalink

I've got a very long extension cord at home, which I use for my headphones when watching TV and moving around at the same time. Wireless headphones would be an ideal solution... which made me thinking, would it be possible to combine WLAN's and wireless headphones? Think about tuning in to a stream coming from a specific IP, and being able to listen to that all over a WLAN. I tried to google for this small miracle, but it seems that no one has combined all the necessary bits and pieces, yet.

I don't think that this is technically terribly hard. You need WLAN hardware, software and hardware for the IP, streaming and decoding bits, and the audio hardware. Still, I think it would be much nicer to have a couple of wireless headphones which use existing standards rather than their own proprietary solutions.

Think about it: in addition to using your headphones at home you could take them with you to a friend, tap into the WLAN and go on listening to music. The possibilities become even more exciting when you think of the possibilites with larger outdoor networks...

So, when this product turns up... remember, you saw it here first.

The audio sample I shamelessly linked belongs to this page.