How a computer case is made

Sunday 12th of October, 2003 - 13:15 – Permalink

Tom's Hardware has an atricle up covering the manufacturing process of a computer case from start to finish. Who would have thought that making a case requires hundreds of individual steps?

There is an associated discussion on Slashdot. For some reason everyone seems to be stuck in cynical mode. Complaints about worker safety, lodging, hidden advertising and bribes is all over the discussion. I for one feel that the covered company, Chenbro seems like a pretty good place to work by Chinese standards. I'm sure there are issues which could be improved, but one shouln't ignore national differences completely. Some people really still seem to think that the center of the world is placed on the northern American continent. A simple gravitational experient (like dropping a stone) should prove otherwise.

If you have the time and interrest, read the article at Tom's Hardware. And do try to stay open minded, will ya?