Today, tomorrow and yesterday

Tuesday 14th of October, 2003 - 11:48 – Permalink

I fear most of my readers probably never program computers, but I am who I am, so I felt I really had to link 99 Bottles of Beer - One program in 571 languages. It might even be interresting for non-programmers, it's really amazing how many different ways there are to do the very same thing.

As for the future, having followed Intel and AMD play tag for a couple of years now I found Arron Rouse's analisys on the upcoming year quite interresting. There's a fair bit of processor manufacturing knowledge involved, but good stuff none the less.

Slashdot is covering C64 programming nostalgia, I'm sure some of you still look back at the good old days, right?

If you find all of the above utterly boring you might find these rudimentary instructions on establishing job security useful...