Who cares about top performance these days?

Wednesday 15th of October, 2003 - 11:43 – Permalink

Via Technologies has announched a GigaHertz class processor which consumes 7 watts. The Inquirer reports: Via introduces seven watts tiny 1GHz X86 chip. Think about it... this is around a tenth of what the high end Athlons and Pentium 4s consume. The thing doesn't need a fan at all.

I find this much more interresting than the speed record game Intel and AMD are up to. This is the technology which will eventually make it possible to have silent, fanless and devilishly small computers. That's the read deal.

Of interrest to Finns: Arvi Lind is doing his last news broadcast tonight. This guy has been on the air longer than I've existed. Hats off.