Wednesday 22nd of October, 2003 - 11:38 – Permalink

I've been following my visitor stats for quite some time, as I still feel the need to have people actually read what I write. As I've said before I'm mainly doing this for myself and my eventual offspring, but none the less the desire for fame doesn't seem to go away.

A look at my stats tell me that I've gotten 585 visits to the page during the ongoing month. Not bad for a personal site. Still the vast majority seem to take a look, then leave and never return. I can easily boost my stats by excessive posting to Slashdot, but random visitors aren't what I'm after. I'm looking for people who I can call readers, people who will come back.

What really makes a successful blog? If you ask me the ultimate measurement of success is a devoted readership. OK, so I'm stating the obvious. But how do you make your blog successful? I believe a key factor is focus. If a blog is focused on a specific subject the people who share that interrest will be more likely to return for more.

My handful of regular readers have surely noticed that my blog is not really focused on any one subject. Things come and go, at the predictability levels of a monkey on acid controlling a set of traffic lights. In a way I guess one could say that my blog is a distorted mirror image of my interrests. Deriving further one could conlude that the focus levels of my blog reflect the focus levels of myself.

I'm not a very focused person. I tend to do things in bursts, staying interrested in a little bit of everything. You can't actually do everything at the same time, hence the bursts. Today I'm interrested in the (non?) success of my blog... Next week? Who knows.

Providing that history repeats itself I will lose some readers on Pinseri's Top-list today. People tend to get bored when you don't link something cool...