Prepare for information sickness

Friday 24th of October, 2003 - 11:13 – Permalink

I'd like to conduct a social experiment. If you feel that you know a person who might be interrested in my weblog send him/her a mail containing my address. I'd like to see if it afftects my stats. I normally have around 25 page views a day, one would imagine at least 30 could be attained. I'll obviously report any change, if there actually is any.

On to the picks of the day. For some reason there seems to be much more interesting stuff floating around today than on an average day. First and foremost GNU/Linux luminaire Richard Stallman broke his arm yesterday, and right here in Finland, none the less. Richard would probably agree with me that Robert X. Cringely wrote a rather good article on open source: How Microsoft's Misunderstanding of Open Source Hurts Us All. Definetly worth a read.

There's an interresting observation done by FiringSquad, adding more memory to certain computers can actually make them slower. The observation is part of FiringSquad's article Building the Ultimate High-End Gaming Workstation: Stage 2. Speaking of things ultimate, check out the The Ultimate Laser "Printer" at good old PC Magazine.

Last but not least... Victoria's Secrets had a glitch which allowed customers to view other customers' orders on its web site. Ouch... what would your wife say if she found out that other people were able to see her chosen selection of sex clothes, including sizes?