3 kilos

Tuesday 28th of October, 2003 - 11:44 – Permalink

With the soothing sounds of 3 kilos by The Prodigy in my ears I'm sitting here and wondering what to write about. I've observed that blogs with cool writing tend to be popular, problem is I'm just not a cool person. I'm not boring either, I guess I fall into the weird/unorthodox category.

Writing about technology doesn't exactly make things any better, but let's face it, at least I know about technology. There was a rather good look at Apple's latest incarnation of OS X over at The New York Times. Some interresting new features in there.

My little social experiment (see October 24th) produced a total of 36 visits, more than the 15 I saw yesterday, something at least. Thanks to whoever did as I asked.