The month in retrospect

Friday 31st of October, 2003 - 11:47 – Permalink

This month I've had 840 visits to this page, and I'd expect to end up at a shave under 900 by the end of the day. I guess I should be proud, but I'm mostly sceptical.

I've posted substansially to Slashdot this month, a lot of visits from there. But I have updated almost every day, and it seems I do have some kind of regular readership. I've still got mostly no idea who reads this though, as I only know of one person who keeps coming back at regular intervals. Anyway, thanks to all who do! And if you consider yourself a regular reader of my blog, do drop me a line if you feel that things are going in the wrong or right direction.

Anyway, on tho the catch of the day. It is 65 years since Orson Welles' radio play, War of the Worlds, created widespread panic by (unintentionally) making people believe that the Earth was under attack from Mars. Go figure. There's a movie by the same name by the way, reeeeally tacky sci-fi. Scary if you're young enough, otherwise just laughable. Via Slashdot.

Speaking of space, have you ever seen the Space Simulator Cluster? I'd sure like to have one of those. Why? Just because.

The Inquirer and Newsforge both have refreshingly different reviews of Apple's OS X 10.3 up, makes for a nice comparison. Add the one which I linked on the 28th this month and you whould have enough fruit to last all winter... Just kidding. Anyway, it's interresting to see how Apple is playing it's hand, the industry is changing, that's for sure. Open source is gaining momentum, Apple is doing it's best to gain from this while Microsoft (and SCO) is spreading FUD.