Damn you MP3.com

Wednesday 17th of September, 2003 - 11:47 – Permalink

I've made my music freely available on MP3.com for several years now. I just learned that MP3.com has restricted the number of songs per artist to three, unless you pay them. This would be relatively OK, but they did it in the beginning of the year and no mail was sent out to artists like me. Now I find that there has been only three songs on my artist page instead of the ten I've uploaded. Suffice to say I'm displeased.

In a way it's my own fault. I haven't really looked at the page lately, as I haven't concentrated on my music. But I still feel they should inform people before raping the pages their music is hosted on.

I'm working on getting my music uploaded to a more trustworthy provider. In theory I could host it here, but then all the streaming and search features would be lost. Bandwidth is also a major issue. http://www.besonic.com/ seems like my likely target at the moment. It's a European site and the basic/free services seem OK. They also have a pay option which seems more sensible than MP3.com's comparable service. Additionally they have a license agreement which binds them to inform you of major changes by email. Anyway, I'll keep the three or so of you posted.

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