Here today, gone tomorrow.

Sunday 21st of September, 2003 - 17:45 – Permalink

BeSonic Finnish charts on Sep. 20th 2003 Statistics are indeed strange. Due to the massive onslaught of some 70 listens to my songs I ended up in 10 of the top 15 chart positions on the BeSonic Finnish charts yesterday. The same naturally no longer applies, take a look for yourself if you wish. Still on the subject of statistics, here is a bunch which are both strange and of dubious validity: Useless Facts and Statistics.

Trying to stay away from the self indulgence for a moment... If you're into Star Wars, interrested in science, and have time to spare/loose checking out the STAR WARS Technical Commentaries is highly recommended. I for one never really get bored with this site, but usually something more important (like work) comes along.