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Wednesday 24th of September, 2003 - 11:36 – Permalink

I've uploaded a new (old) song to BeSonic, called I wonder what. Feel free to check it out. I also added an ilustration to the page over there, basically mixing a bunch of pictures I've taken with our digital camera lately.

In other news: AMD released the long awaited Athlon 64, based on the Hammer core. I've been folloing the development of Hammer for at least a year, it's kind of weird when it's finally happening. In the very last minute Intel took a Xeon (server chip) core and christened it Pentium 4 Extreme Edition... and therein managed to keep on the same level as AMD on the performance front. If you ask me Microsoft will set the faith for the Athlon 64, by controlling the mainstream software platform, Windows. If 64 bit Windows works great things are looking good for AMD. We'll see. Tom's Hardware has a very thorough review of the Athlon 64. Worth reading, or at least bits of it.

Fortune ran an interresting piece on installing a multitude of cool gadgets in an average home, with an average family. Good Stuff.