The blogger's dilemma

Thursday 25th of September, 2003 - 11:55 – Permalink

I've been getting around ten to twenty visits per day on this page lately. It's probably not suprising that I've begun to question if there's a point in the whole thing. Fact is I'm not that good at writing interresting stuff. On the other hand I feel keeping this up might be a good idea for myself, who knows how It'll feel like to dig up entries from five, ten, maybe even twenty years back.

It might even be that if I keep this up I will eventually aquire readers who for some reason find my writing enjoyable. Still I find myself lacking guidance. Should I focus more on myself, or should I shut up about my life and stick to commenting interresting stuff? Maybe I shouldn't even comment, leaving plain old links. On the other hand that would really be beside the point.

I'm rambling, and aware of it. There's been a developent on the electronic paper front which is worth checking out. And here we go again... should I try to say something clever about electronic paper or just shut up about it. My blog is on Pinseri's list for Finnish blogs. When you take a look at the stats for my blog you can clearly see the direction in which I seem to be heading. I can only assume that I'm bad at this...

Ultimately the important question is: Will I get any better? Time will tell.