Gorgeous Hardware

Friday 26th of September, 2003 - 11:53 – Permalink

I bumped into hoojum design. Their CubitP4 system looks like no other computer I've ever seen. Very nice design and very small aswell. In addition to that, Hush Technologies has been at it again... Check out the Hush ATX. Finnish readers might also be interrested to know that Jib Systems Oy represents Hush in Finland.

Now, if you're like me your wife won't let you buy something this cool in the next ten years. A little DIY never hurt anyone, right? There's a veritable fountain of good ideas over at mini-itx.com. Think computer in [insert arbitrary smallish object here].

Some of my tracks have hit the BeSonic UK Charts, holding the 11th, 12th, 13th positions. Check it out!