Emerging Arts

Tuesday 30th of September, 2003 - 12:12 – Permalink

When I spraypainted my computer case something like five years ago that could have been classified as a case mod. Now it's just a black case, and a badly painted one. Case modding has gone from a silly hobby to an acomplished art in the last few years. With smaller hardware and "modded" cases being available off the shelf things are very different now. But judging by any standards this case is a truly amazing acomplishment.

Computers seem to be going the way that motorcycles have before them. In the beginning a chosen few modify their rig. More and more catch on, and before you know it the modified look is available off the shelf. The real custom stuff is taken to a new level. People indeed to weird things to stand out, and there's nothing bad with that.

I've decided not to post unless I really have something of interrest to say. Expect less updates of (hopefully) higher quality in the future.