Tuesday 17th of August, 2004 - 11:45 – Permalink

My vacation was rather nice, although it did seem rather short given my current paternal role and responsibilities. Having spent a month at home was enough to grow accustomed to having the kids around at all times. Despite the fact that two five-month-old babies are quite the handfull I find myself missing them a great deal here at work. Just goes to show our brains are indeed pre-wired for emotinal attachment to our offspring.

I didn't really use the net much at all at home, so I have little to post at the moment. There is one thing I found of interest though, but it's more or less limited to those who have a fundamental understanding of genetics...


I hadn't previously ran into an interesting human mutation referred to as tetrachromacy, but found myself totally fascinated by the concept. Read the article to understand the rest of this post!

Basically, tetrachromats has four differently colored photopigments in their eyes, enabling them to see a more sublte color spectrum than the rest of us. This got me thinking: would it be possible to genetically manipulate our DNA to enable infrared or ultraviolet vision? I'm no saying I'd recommend doing such a thing, but think about the possibilities for seeing heat when it's otherwise pitch black... sheesh! Via a random comment at Slashdot.