Friday 9th of January, 2004 - 11:29 – Permalink

Today it seems that the Internet wants me to get a serous case of RSI, because there seems to be an unending flood of cool stuff floating around... Then again, it's friday. So in an effort to compensate for the lack of quality with horrendous quantity... here goes. Ladies and gentlemen, Brace Yurselves.


The Consumer Electronics Show is on over in good old Las Vegas, and the Inquirer reports on various stuff. By far the coolest is the Flying Mole CPA-M1616. Despite the name it's a rather innovative audio amplifier, borrowing engeneering ideas from blade servers. This baby will scale from 2 to 16 channels of eardrum bleeding love for everyone around. In an interesting audial twist HP will license the iPod...

Tom's is also covering CES, with multiple articles on their front page.

Mail order with a twist, or should I say tingle?

We get Josefsson's mail order catalogue at home every now and then. I was flipping throug it the other day and my brain registered the following: clothes, more clothes, shoes, sportsware, various "effective" sports equpiment and sex toys, more clothes... Wait a minute, sex toys? Yup, modern mail order firms carry a rather surprinsing array of products, and what better way for the shy to aquire said technology than to order a nice little wand-o-luv with their sweaters... Actually I think it's great, because it solves the whole shame-porn-eevil concept which is often associated with some of the more shabby shops of the adult play equipment trade. Ultimately the whole issue is rather ridiculous, as I've stated before, what people do in their own bedrooms and privacy is their own business.

Useless side note: Finnish readers can verify my claims by entering the word sauva in Josefsson's search box.

Documented Tripping

While browsing Blogdex, I ran across these 9 drawings were done by an artist under the influence of LSD. Scary-cool.

Ze Bloggies

Last but not least, also featured on Blogdex, the 2004 weblog awards are under way. The prevous years' winners are an interesting bunch, and maybe some of you even wish to nomitate someone for something? Feel free to nominate me as well, but stay assured I won't win anything. I generate nowhere near the amount of traffic required for even a snowball's chance in hell of winning.