Monday 12th of January, 2004 - 11:24 – Permalink

Sometimes I feel like there is a fundamental force in the universe which makes sure that things can only go so well at any given time. As I've mentioned previously, I'm going to be a dad. Lately I've had quite a lot of stuff to do on that account, mostly involving getting a bunch of stuff in preparation of the birth of our twins. Yesterday the last major missing piece of the puzzle was acquired, a car (thanks dad!) It seemed like one could finally sit down and take a breather.

Not so. Just to keep me on my toes the universe decided to make some jerk break into our storage booth. The booth is separate from our actual apartment, it's in a separate storeroom on the ground floor of our apartment building, holding one storage booth for each apartment. Fortunately we only lost my skies, but it's not like I'm happy about the whole thing. The monetary loss is no big deal, but the fact that whoever did it gained access to the room holding the booths without breaking any locks disturbs me greatly. In a worst case scenario, it might even be a neighbour of ours.

The worst aspects of the whole thing is the psycological effects of an invasion to your privacy, and the whole hassle with reporting to the Police. Most of all, the reminder that there really are an unnecessearily large amount of misguided people and/or complete jerks in this world is never a nice thing to be forced to think about. By no means is this the end of the world, but I'd still rather not have to deal with stuff like this. Unfortunately, we all have to from time to time.