Wednesday 14th of January, 2004 - 12:03 – Permalink

I spent the morning accompanying my wife for a pregnancy health checkup, so I'm a little short on readworthy stuff today. Fortunately, I did run into some stuff on which to direct your attention.

Saying goodbye to film?

Slashdot is reporting that Kodak intends to stop selling film cameras in the U.S. and Europe, instead focusing on digital cameras. I wonder if we'll see other manufacturers follow suit? I do feel that film still has a lot to offer, but mainly for professional photography. The story has some interesting comments, this one in particular.

Hard disk technology

LostCircuits is running a series of hard disk technology articles, called As The Hard Disc Spins. Not for everyone, but worthwhile reading for anyone who deals with building or configuring their own computers.

On Finnish Blogs

Finally something for my Finnish readers: Jarno Virtanen, author of Valkoinen tausta, mustat kirjaimet has written an interesting piece on blog placement, naming and writing in general. Check it out: Uusien blogien lytminen. Via pikseli.biz.