Delayed link massacre

Monday 19th of January, 2004 - 12:59 – Permalink

I ran into a bunch of cool stuff on Friday, but never found the time to post it. So, in hope that you didn't read all this already, here goes... First of all, check out Zalman's TNN 500A silent computer case at Tom's. Excellent stuff, but the price tag is a wee bit too much for my wallet (some 1400 dollars!) Then again, this is indeed a niche product, and I'm sure lots of recording studios and acoustic labs will be interested.

Martian photography

MSNBC has an entertaining piece on how Spirit makes great photos, Spirit being the cool little robotic rover on Mars. It's not a very technical piece, but a nice overview. Via Slashdot.

To redo or not to redo?

For fellow coders: Neil Gunton wrote a piece called Rewrites Considered Harmful? Gunton argues that rewriting code is, in many cases, bad. Both the article itself and the associated Slashdot article are rather thought-provoking, which is something I consider a Good Thing, regardless of where you stand.


Just a little something to stir up your mind, courtecy of Warren Ellis. Via Antti/ Geek Savant.