Trip to the twilight zone

Tuesday 20th of January, 2004 - 11:36 – Permalink

Most people will never be raided by the FBI, but fortunately some people document their own personal FBI raid experience for all to read. I do reserve the right to question publicising such a serious matter (regardless of if you're guilty or not,) but I did find it a worthwhile read. The site is currently fast like a bug stuck in tar, but alive and kicking none the less. Via Slashdot.

be mental, be a superstar

My Finnish readers will be happy to know there is now a (or yet another?) local retailer of crazy-cool statement t-shirts. Check out Mentalwear. Via Peter/Ntkreatur.

Mapping the little green men

Slashdot reports that the "ESA (European Space Agency) have released an image of the surface of Mars, captured in 3D and full colour." I really like the fact that they put the images up for all to see, after all, space exploration shouldn't be something for any one nation to do alone... like *cough* some *cough* world leaders seem to think... the Mars Express page at ESA is definitely worth a look. This page is slow/down at the moment, my link should be OK.