On Hardware and Spam

Tuesday 8th of June, 2004 - 11:32 – Permalink

Many people are familiar with captchas by now. If you wish to sign up for a Yahoo mail account for instance, you have to pass a test which haves you identify distorted text within an image. This keeps spammers from creating scripts to make tousands of accounts in no time, and use them to send spam.

I've always said there's no technical barrier conceived by a human which can't be circumvented by another human. Yet again this has proven to be true... I stumbled across a blog entry relating to a rather ingenious way of getting around captchas without having to manually create accounts: Check out Solving and creating captchas with free porn. The Wikipedia entry for captchas explains the circumvention process in greater detail.


I've always had a soft spot for cool looking computer hardware, especially when dealing with designer quality stuff. I've also said that future PCs will be smaller, quieter and better looking as the PC migrates into our living room.

In relation to these observations I've mentioned Hush Technologies before, and now I'm happy to add SilverStone Technology to the list. SilverStone has some very nice looking cases, and there are both traditional PC tower cases as well as HIFI equipment style cases available. They also have a completely fanless (ATX form factor) power supply. Take a look at the SilverStone enclosures page for a quick overview of their design abilities.