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Some animals are more equal than others

Tuesday 26th of October, 2004 – Permalink

I am now a homeowner, or we are (my wife and I). Naturally, I also have a huge loan to pay off... but the whole thing feels great overall. The best thing is the fact that next summer the kids will be able to play in our own back yard. Good stuff.

Prude mobile phone offended by owner's activities, calls the police

Most mobile phones have a hidden feature designed for emergency situations: they will accept the emergency number even though the key lock is on. This is a good thing for people in panic, but a bad thing for phones at the bottom of bags. Finnish emergency services have seen a steady increase in bags-gone-talkative in recent years, but the police making a house call due to sex mistaken for torture was a first for me... Sheesh!

Tiny brothers are watching you

Speaking of invasions of privacy... Dan wrote about the possibilities of tiny video cameras in his piece It's SnitchCam time! Some interesting thoughts in there, worth a read. Also check out the associated and suitably paranoid Slashdot article, if you can stand all the presidential election -related comments...

What animals?

So, still can't figure out what to make of the topic of today's post? How is it possibly related to any of the content? I'll give you a hint: 1984... I'm sure you'll figure it out.


Tuesday 19th of October, 2004 - 13:05 – Permalink

The possibility of buying a appartment mentioned in my last post has turned into a reality much more quickly than I anticipated. Unless the sky falls on my head my wife and I will own our own place in around 27 hours. It's weird how fast things can change when the pieces start falling into place... We'll be moving to the new place in roughly a month.

Help, I'm a TV in distress!

A TV emitting an international distress signal? Now that's just weird!

Ignorant Teens Annoy Me

A while back I started noticing weird sites in my referrer headers. A bit of further investigation showed that a bunch of teenage bloggers had used one of my background images in their blog. And I don't mean that they copied the image, they just linked it directly, effectively stealing my bandwidth. Argh.

Needless to say, attempting to request these people to stop doing so didn't work. I ended up having to create a mod_rewrite-based solution which replaces the image with one stating I stole this image from This only happens to offending sites, so I'll probably have to add more sites to the blacklist as the ranks of ignorant little copyright violators increase. It's too bad that most of these kids don't even know that they're doing something wrong. I guess the educational system will catch up in ten years and start telling them...

Much to do and less time to do it in

Thursday 7th of October, 2004 - 12:35 – Permalink

I've been rather short on blogging energy lately, mostly due to a bunch of Real Life -stuff which had to be attended to. One of the biggest things at the moment is the possibility of buying an appartment of our own. I've been assessing our economy and it looks like we could get a pretty decent loan. Even though the idea of aquiring a debt which would take at least twenty years to pay off scares me, the idea of living on rent for the rest of my life scares me even more.

The main thing is the simple fact that all the money you pay for rent basically goes down the drain from your point of view. Paying off a loan, on the other hand, is money in your pocket. Given that we have a fair chance of getting a loan there's really no reason to wait.


There's been lot's of interesting stuff floating around lately. Something that I think stood out was a Slashdot discussion on antimatter, in relation to a report on the US Air Force researching the possibilities of antimatter weapons. Cool, yet very scary stuff.