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Rest in Peace, Bob Moog

Tuesday 23rd of August, 2005 - 12:12 – Permalink

Bob Moog was one of those people very few people have heard of, yet most people have heard the sound of Bob's intruments. Bob Moog created the first integrated synthesizer, which in turn enabled countless bands to use synths at gigs. Later, the analogue sound of these instuments sparked the creation of the modern electronic music scene, with the the Prodigy (the band) even naming themselves after the Moog Prodigy.

Even though I don't own a Moog synthesizer myself, every single synth I have carries on Bob's heritage. May you Rest in Peace, Bob Moog.

Obituary at, Moog Music.

Safe, sane, and consensual.

Thursday 18th of August, 2005 - 12:03 – Permalink

Western culture seems to be obsessed with sex, or rather, obsessed with arguing about sex and the role of sex in various media. It's a weird world of double standards, really. It's OK to have videos which objectify women clad like hookers on MTV 24 hours a day, but when a nipple slips into view at the superbowl there is a huge crisis all of a sudden. Let's not even mention the whole "hot coffegate" scandal... (See entry for July 15th.)

So for all the confused teenagers out there, here are some very simple rules for you to follow:

  • Sex is best when you really, really, really feel ready. Ignore your peers. There is really no need to hurry.
  • Sex must always be safe, sane, and consensual: Use protection, don't have sex while intoxicated, and see to it that all parties agree on whatever is about to happen.
  • Don't use porn as a role model. Porn is a fantasy world, and should be treated as such. Porn is as realistic as the physics in the SSX snowboarding games.
  • The whole "Abstinence is the only option" thing is crap. BS. Stupid. Don't buy into it. Sex is a natural, yet serious thing, treat it as such.
  • The Internet is a great resource for knowledge on sex issues. Use it. Ignore the porn.
Finally, a snippet from the Personal Creed by Bishop Pat Buckley: I believe that sex is good and so is the body. The only sexual act that is sinful is the one that uses or abuses.

That's what it's all about, kids, that's what it's all about.

This and that

Friday 5th of August, 2005 - 11:37 – Permalink

Regular readers What regular readers? of my blog may remember me talking about my winter-biking project. That sort of died with the whole buy a house, renovate, and move in -deal. I did give it a shot, but after having spent several months out of the saddle it proved too much to start a daily 20 Km ride mid winter. But once spring came along I did finally start biking again, and I'm very happy I did. I feel much better thanks to the regular exercise, and it's cheaper than taking the bus as well.

My bike finally reached the point where repairs were simply not worth it any longer, and a month ago I finally ordered a new bike, a Red Bull Blackforest-4 from Rose Versand in Germany. I received the bike on Wednesday evening and I've been very happy with my purchase. Hopefully I'll even have the stamina to ride it next winter...