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The Power of Cola

Monday 21st of February, 2005 - 12:39 – Permalink

A friend of mine organized a cola-drink blind test of 17 different brands of cola sold here in Finland. (That's not all the brands out there, just a selection.) There were ten people of us testing and I thought the results may well interest fellow Finns.

Background information: 17 brands, 10 blind testers, scores from 1 to 10. The results:
  • 7.5 Pepsi
  • 7.4 Coca-Cola
  • 6.0 Dr. Pepper
  • 5.8 Spar Cola
  • 5.3 Rainbow Cola
  • 5.2 Spar Cola Light
  • 5.2 Olvi Classic Cola Light
  • 5.0 Olvi Classic Cola
  • 5.0 Pirkka Cola
  • 4.3 Lidl Freeway Cola
  • 4.2 Pepsi Max
  • 4.2 Coca-Cola Light Lemon
  • 4.1 Lidl Freeway Light
  • 3.8 Rainbow Cola Light
  • 3.7 Coca-Cola Light
  • 3.6 Pepsi Max Lemon
  • 1.9 Organic Cola

The Coke-zealots needn't worry about Pepsi winning; the margin of error is large enough to call it a tie... Personally I was surprised how hard it was to tell what's what (we all tried to guess). I actually ended up guessing that Pepsi was Coke and vice versa, as did quite a few other people too. One thing that surprised me was how badly Coke Light did. Not that I drink any light stuff though, they're all pretty bad. I prefer to cut my consumtion and drink the sugary stuff when I do drink soda.

Minor progress

I have been making minor progress to the new site engine during the last week. Things aren't moving along very fast, but at least the project isn't stalled any longer.


Tuesday 15th of February, 2005 - 12:50 – Permalink

The handful of people that read my blog regularly have probably noticed the fact that I've failed to post very often lately. Unfortunately my plans to finish the new engine for this site have not fallen into place that well either. I guess I'm still trying to reorient myself in a new working environment, as well as establish new routines. In any case I still feel like I want to build my own site engine, as there's really nothing out there which fits my needs... wish me luck.

Backlog purge

Below are some links I meant to post and didn't get around to. I'm afraid I've lost track of where I stumbed upon them, so credit where credit's due:

Why didn't I think of That?

Tuesday 8th of February, 2005 - 12:35 – Permalink

Last week was rather busy, from Wednesday through Friday I coded HTML and CSS, edited images, shot and edited DV video in a wondefully semi-random order. The shooting involved being around women in bikinis and lingerie though, so I'm not complaining...

Actually being in a photo studio and involved in the creation prosses really inspired to so some kind of more serious photography at some point. Now all I need is a beatiful woman, fancy clothes an accessories, a studio and about 5K worth of photogear... It's all rather simple, in theory anyway.

Anyway, on to today's post: We've all had one of those Why didn't I think of that? -moments. Well, Andrew Fischer sold advertising space on his forhead for 30 days on eBay, and now he's $37,375.00 richer. Yikes.

He's currently keeping a blog of his 30 days as a human billboard, and here's the original press release for the interrested. I must say I'm impressed. Regarding the Why didn't I think of that? -factor, I guess it wouldn't really apply to me anyway. Finland is too small, and I go out far too little to be a viable advertising medium. I'll just go grill myself a cheese sandwich now...