The Power of Cola

Monday 21st of February, 2005 - 12:39 – Permalink

A friend of mine organized a cola-drink blind test of 17 different brands of cola sold here in Finland. (That's not all the brands out there, just a selection.) There were ten people of us testing and I thought the results may well interest fellow Finns.

Background information: 17 brands, 10 blind testers, scores from 1 to 10. The results:
  • 7.5 Pepsi
  • 7.4 Coca-Cola
  • 6.0 Dr. Pepper
  • 5.8 Spar Cola
  • 5.3 Rainbow Cola
  • 5.2 Spar Cola Light
  • 5.2 Olvi Classic Cola Light
  • 5.0 Olvi Classic Cola
  • 5.0 Pirkka Cola
  • 4.3 Lidl Freeway Cola
  • 4.2 Pepsi Max
  • 4.2 Coca-Cola Light Lemon
  • 4.1 Lidl Freeway Light
  • 3.8 Rainbow Cola Light
  • 3.7 Coca-Cola Light
  • 3.6 Pepsi Max Lemon
  • 1.9 Organic Cola

The Coke-zealots needn't worry about Pepsi winning; the margin of error is large enough to call it a tie... Personally I was surprised how hard it was to tell what's what (we all tried to guess). I actually ended up guessing that Pepsi was Coke and vice versa, as did quite a few other people too. One thing that surprised me was how badly Coke Light did. Not that I drink any light stuff though, they're all pretty bad. I prefer to cut my consumtion and drink the sugary stuff when I do drink soda.

Minor progress

I have been making minor progress to the new site engine during the last week. Things aren't moving along very fast, but at least the project isn't stalled any longer.