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My CV is finally updated

Monday 31st of January, 2005 - 12:25 – Permalink

I have finally updated my CV. I hope I didn't manage to introduce any new silly mistakes, but if someone does spot any please inform me and you shall have my eternat gratitude!

If you're lucky I'll have something interesting to post by the next time I manage to get something up here, but I'm not making any promises...

Eternal life, anyone?

Thursday 20th of January, 2005 - 12:36 – Permalink

I ran across Sherwin Nuland's piece Do You Want to Live Forever? in the MIT Technology Review. Hightly recommended reading if you have a basic understanding of molectular biology. The piece tells of self-taught biologist Aubrey de Grey who is convinced we can develop technology to stop and even reverse the effects of aging. I'm not sure I'd like to live forever, but I could probably keep myself busy for at least a few hundred years if my body could be sustained. Fascinating stuff, via Slashdot.

Fluent in Finnish and curious about sex?

I should clarify: sex as in gender. SETA has a test for tesing your gender, which I hadn't encountered before: Testaa sukupuolesi.

According to the test I'm androgynous. Apparently, my masculine and feminine side are in balance. Fortunately I'm more masculine than feminine though. Fun to know, unless you have some nasty inhibitions...

Todo == Not done yet...

I have yet to update my CV... Argh.

For programmers only

Wednesday 19th of January, 2005 - 13:53 – Permalink

I have yet to finish updating my CV and get started on finishing the new engine for the site, but I had to post this excellent article at ACM Queue by Gregory V. Wilson: Extensible Programming for the 21st Century. It's a long read, and only fellow programmers need bother. I found it very interesting; maybe you will too?

Via a totally clueless Slashdot story. (680 comments and counting, most of which are deeply misinformed, as people haven't bothered to read Wilson's piece.)

Time and money should be free for all

Friday 14th of January, 2005 - 12:02 – Permalink

The last few weeks have been rather busy. Last week was hectic as there was only three effective working days (I had one day off and there was a public holiday). Just when I thought things were going to wind down a bit my kids got one of those majorly unpleasant stomach flues, after which I managed to catch it. Yay.

I haven't yet gotten my CV updated, but I have managed to start work on that. Once I get that done I will finally be able to concentrate on getting the new site engine up to a deployable state.

Dreams of PVRs

I have been interested in the MythTV project for a long time now. MythTv is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) software for Linux, which has some very cool networking features. Properly configured, you can have a badass MythTV backend server hidden somewhere in your house taking care of all the recording, playback and live TV stuff. Then you add a MythTV frontend which can be a rather minuscule machine which you connect to your TV, for showing the stuff off the server.

Apple recently announched what could well be the ideal MythTV frontend machine: the Mac mini. I did a little digging and it is indeed possible to run MythTV on OS X.

If you combined a Mac mini with the Apple DVI to Video Adapter and an M-Audio Sonica Theater you could well have yourself a very nice little setup. Assuming, of course, you'd set up a MythTV backend server as well.