Time and money should be free for all

Friday 14th of January, 2005 - 12:02 – Permalink

The last few weeks have been rather busy. Last week was hectic as there was only three effective working days (I had one day off and there was a public holiday). Just when I thought things were going to wind down a bit my kids got one of those majorly unpleasant stomach flues, after which I managed to catch it. Yay.

I haven't yet gotten my CV updated, but I have managed to start work on that. Once I get that done I will finally be able to concentrate on getting the new site engine up to a deployable state.

Dreams of PVRs

I have been interested in the MythTV project for a long time now. MythTv is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) software for Linux, which has some very cool networking features. Properly configured, you can have a badass MythTV backend server hidden somewhere in your house taking care of all the recording, playback and live TV stuff. Then you add a MythTV frontend which can be a rather minuscule machine which you connect to your TV, for showing the stuff off the server.

Apple recently announched what could well be the ideal MythTV frontend machine: the Mac mini. I did a little digging and it is indeed possible to run MythTV on OS X.

If you combined a Mac mini with the Apple DVI to Video Adapter and an M-Audio Sonica Theater you could well have yourself a very nice little setup. Assuming, of course, you'd set up a MythTV backend server as well.