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The Mac that had Intel Inside

Wednesday 8th of June, 2005 - 13:39 – Permalink

I was rather surprised to learn that Apple is switching to Intel processors in future Macs. I've recently read a few pieces regarding the move, and overall I believe Apple has made a wise choice. For a nice overview check out Anandtech's piece on the move. also had a readworthy writeup on why Apple chose Intel over AMD, opened my eyes quite a bit. (Those who have no interest in semiconductor process technologies should not apply...)

But the most insightful thing I've ran into so far was in a second article at Anandtech, Anand writes: Intel needs a partner like Apple. For the longest time, Intel has been promising usage models and concept PCs that we all wanted, but would never surface. PC vendors focused on producing the cheapest system possible, while dealing with backwards compatibility and standards compliance with a huge install base - effectively, making change difficult. Look at how long it has taken us to transition away from the Parallel and Serial ports on PC motherboards or the move to SATA drives. With Apple, Intel finally has a partner that is willing to adapt to change at a much more rapid pace and one that can implement new technologies extremely quickly, thanks to a small, agile user base.

I have to say I agree, and I really haven't got anything to add to that. Respect.

Overprotectiveness is fscking dangerous.

Friday 3rd of June, 2005 - 12:33 – Permalink

When our kids leared to climb onto the couch we told them to be careful, knowing full well that they would eventually tumble back down on the floor... which they did. Unsurprisingly they learned to be careful rather quick. They also don't touch the oven, they know it's hot and avoid it accordingly. We don't subscribe to overprotectiveness. Subsequently, I found the news that using red as a grading color and playing tag is too traumatising totally and utterly ridiculous. Fortunately Finnish schools haven't prohibited playing tag just yet. Argh. Via Blogdex.