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Behind the Scenes

Tuesday 29th of March, 2005 - 12:34 – Permalink

The ten or so people that actually read this blog have probably noticed the month-long gap in posting. This has been due to both a lack of energy and (yippee) some actual coding of the new site engine I've been working on. The whole thing is actually beginning to take shape, and I'm now more or less convinced that it can be up and running eventually. Good stuff.

Anyhow, I thorougly recommend taking a look at, more specifically the Complexification Gallery of Computation. It requires Java, but it's totally worth it...

Speaking of art, Ambient Design's ArtRage looks like a very cool app if you have a tablet PC or a drawing tablet... Its designed to be like a virtual canvas, and features realistic drawing tools. There's an ArtRage gallery as well, and the images really do look like they were drawn by hand. Impressive.