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General musings and thoughts on the Wii

Tuesday 18th of December, 2007 - 12:37 – Permalink

There is one thing I wish I had more of in my life, something I always seem to run out of... The answer is obvious: Time. There never is enough time, is there? It's become painfully clear with this blog: These days I hardly ever have the time to post. In part this is due to my current job. I used to post during my lunch break, (ate at my desk,) but these days I go for lunch with colleagues and friends pretty much every day. That being the case there isn't much time left for blogging. As I've mentioned before I have double twins, four kids, so at home my hands are tied, so to speak.

This year I've gotten a Nintendo Wii for the kids for Christmas. Or gotten myself and the kids a Wii, really. I've been waiting for getting to actually play it for almost a month now. Thankfully there's only a week left to wait. Getting a Wii was an educational decision as well: I want my kids to think of gaming as a social event from the very beginning. The physical aspects of the Wii controller also greatly interest me. I truly believe the Wii's approach to gaming is the way to go for a lot of games. Why on earth should a video game have to be a physically passive experience? It's been that way for a long time due to restrictions of the hardware, but those are finally becoming a thing of the past. Another reason why I opted for the Wii was the all-ages approach Nintendo has taken with a large portion of the games on the Wii. Truly good toys, like Legos for instance, are fun for all ages.

Why Vladimir Putin is Time's Person of the Year 2007

Friday 21st of December, 2007 - 10:26 – Permalink

When I first heard that Time had chosen Vladimir Putin as their Person of the Year 2007 I was rather surprised. OK, let's face it, I thought the editors at Time were smoking crack. It seems Time anticipated such a reaction, and put up a rather compelling argument explaining: Why We Chose Putin. And despite the fact that Russian democracy is beginning to look very different from what we would label as democracy in the west, I'm surprised to find myself siding with Time. Maybe choosing order over freedom really makes sense some times?


I submitted the post above as a Slashdot story, but it seems it's not getting posted. Might as well copy-and-paste it here then...