General musings and thoughts on the Wii

Tuesday 18th of December, 2007 - 12:37 – Permalink

There is one thing I wish I had more of in my life, something I always seem to run out of... The answer is obvious: Time. There never is enough time, is there? It's become painfully clear with this blog: These days I hardly ever have the time to post. In part this is due to my current job. I used to post during my lunch break, (ate at my desk,) but these days I go for lunch with colleagues and friends pretty much every day. That being the case there isn't much time left for blogging. As I've mentioned before I have double twins, four kids, so at home my hands are tied, so to speak.

This year I've gotten a Nintendo Wii for the kids for Christmas. Or gotten myself and the kids a Wii, really. I've been waiting for getting to actually play it for almost a month now. Thankfully there's only a week left to wait. Getting a Wii was an educational decision as well: I want my kids to think of gaming as a social event from the very beginning. The physical aspects of the Wii controller also greatly interest me. I truly believe the Wii's approach to gaming is the way to go for a lot of games. Why on earth should a video game have to be a physically passive experience? It's been that way for a long time due to restrictions of the hardware, but those are finally becoming a thing of the past. Another reason why I opted for the Wii was the all-ages approach Nintendo has taken with a large portion of the games on the Wii. Truly good toys, like Legos for instance, are fun for all ages.