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Music Powered Vibrator: Riffed for your Pleasure

Friday 16th of February, 2007 - 11:37 – Permalink

I've always found the integration of technology and the human body fascinating, be it cybernetics, wearable gadgets, or, well... sex toys. The OhMiBod music powered vibrator seems like a fun little innovation. I mean, why the hell not? Sex is about human expression and having fun, and so is music. Sounds like a match to me.

Also check out NOTCOT's take on the OhMiBod. Originally via

eBook readers finally becoming viable

Tuesday 20th of February, 2007 - 11:21 – Permalink

Sometime in high school I remember predicting that eBooks will become viable when the user interface is book-like (reflective display, readable in the bed etc). Should have written that one down, I guess... Anyway, the Polymer Vision Readius seems like it's pretty darn close. It's a folding design, so it'll take up about a cellphone's space in your pocket, but the diplay folds out to a much bigger screen. I want one. Via Slashdot.

Spore: The ultimate God Game

Wednesday 14th of February, 2007 - 10:55 – Permalink

If you like games like Civillization, Sim City, The Sims and stuff like that you might want to take a look at Spore. It's been in the making for quite some time now, and is the brainchild of game designer Will Wright. This Spore gameplay video really gives you a feel for the game.

Now that I've hopefully sparked your interest you might want to take a look at this Spore related interview with Will Wright at Popular Science. There's also a bunch of images at Spore's homepage. Spore is supposed to be released in 2007... I'm feeling a weird need to upgrade my computer, wonder why?

Couscous Kid - very nice (and naughty) designs

Tuesday 13th of February, 2007 - 11:29 – Permalink

I ran across Couscous Kid's designs over at NOTCOT.ORG. This is some seriously inspirational and burlesque-style beauty. Worth looking at if you're not offended by the semi-erotic nature of these designs. Not work safe for most places, mind you...

The significance of GPS in digital cameras

Monday 12th of February, 2007 - 11:42 – Permalink

I was pleased to learn that GPS-enabled digital cameras are becoming more common, like this Ricoh 500SE. GPS in a digital camera seems like a weird concept, until you marry it the idea of searching. Finding all photos taken at grandma's or the photos from the beach last summer suddely becomes trivial. As people produce more and more content the challenge of indexing it is ever-growing, and every bit of help, well, helps.

Finally whole

My cold ultimately developed into sinusitis, and I was on sick leave last week. Now things are hopefully back to normal... Though I am feeling like I should take up nasal irrigation, pre-emptive solutions and non-drug based solutions are much better than antibiotics. I my opinion anyway.

DIY Fridge Magnets — Matchbox Cars

Monday 5th of February, 2007 - 12:16 – Permalink

Fridge magnet made from a Matchbox toy car Why buy expensive and unoriginal fridge magnets when you can make them yourself? Especially when you can use something cool like a Matchbox toy car! Simple instructions:

  • Aquire magnets: Buy some from a hobby store or dissect an old harddrive.
  • Decide what to make into a magnet. — Buy something or rummage through old stuff for it.
  • Glue magnet to subject. Use something as a spacer or sandwich many magnets if necessary. Use a strong glue like epoxy and you'll only need to do it once.
  • Enjoy DIY-gratification factor.

Lets give credit where credit's due: Idea from Nelonen's Retro TV-program.

Returning to the living

In case you're wondering why it's been so quiet here the past week: The cold the kids had natrurally got the best of me eventually, and I'm only just returning to normal... Stupid microbes.