Tip: TaskArrange

Tuesday 9th of January, 2007 - 11:39 – Permalink

I've always been a spatial person when it comes to organizing things. It often looks like my desk is a mess, but I usually know where things are. I use Windows on the desktop, and I start my programs in a specific order so that I can get the task bar buttons the way I like. When you have 15 applications open it's quicker to find things that way.

But if, make that when, a program crashes the task bar buttons are in the wrong order unless you restart every application. Amazingly the UI designers of Windows felt you wouldn't need to rearrange the buttons, and there is no such feature. If this annoys you as much as it does me you should really give TaskArrange a try. Works on all NT variants from 4.0 to XP, and has saved me from getting bummed out when hunting for programs time and time again.

Another tip: Place an icon to TaskArrange in the quick launch bar, that way you can quickly launch it when disaster inevitably strikes.