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Paul Potts: A modern day Cinderella tale

Monday 18th of June, 2007 - 13:55 – Permalink

Please excuse the gender-bender, but there's something magical about a nobody rising to fame. Seldom have I seen something quite as surprising as Paul Potts' original performance in Britain's Got Talent. Thanks to YouTube, here it is, for now anyway:

I was going to link the semifinal and final videos as well, but my colleague Tero beat me to the punch: Paul Potts in Britain's Got Talent

On (literally) Reinventhing the Wheel

Monday 18th of June, 2007 - 11:17 – Permalink

The term "Reinventing the wheel" is seldom used literally. But Michelin's Tweel technology might just have that potential. Originally displayed in 2005, I hadn't heard of it until today. There's a Gizmag Tweel article and photo gallery worth checking out, and also a Wikipedia article on Tweel.

I guess it's still very much a prototype, and it definitely remains to be seen if the technology is truly practical. But the thought of never having to worry about flats, especially on a bicycle, is very enticing. I wonder how the flexible spokes perform across a wide range of temperatures (think summer vs. winter) though...

On touch-screens and Microsoft's Surface

Wednesday 13th of June, 2007 - 11:41 – Permalink

I had this grand plan to do a nice writeup on Microsoft's Surface and similar technology, but it seems I don't have the creative energy to do so right now. But dumping the interesting links I found can't hurt, can it?

I do believe that multi-touch interfaces are the future. I've said so before... Oh, and ebooks will take off once electronic paper tech becomes affordable, mark my words.