An open letter to Steve Jobs: Drop DRM in iTunes.

Friday 16th of March, 2007 - 11:46 – Permalink

I already submitted this to Slashdot, but there's no telling if it will get posted. Anyway, music-lovers: unite for a good cause.

In the wake of the recent EU stance on digital music and consumer lock-in, political pressure finally seems to be building up against DRM. Steve Jobs even claimed that he prefers DRM-free music. The EFF's campaign has written an open letter to Steve Jobs. This excerpt pretty much sums it up: It has been three weeks now since you published your pledge to drop DRM, and there have been many responses from commentators who have outlined actions you could take to back up your words. The fact that you have not taken any action leads us to ask the question: How genuine is your pledge?

Help the EFF fight DRM. Sign the letter and let Mr Reality Distortion Field know that you care about DRM-free music.