Jack of all Trades and Master of Some?

Sunday 28th of December, 2008 - 15:52 – Permalink

I'm hopelessly into a whole bunch of different things. I also tend to start and/or dream about lots of projects I never finish. Today I've started a project which I hope to finish eventually: A control surface and programmer for one of my synthesizers based on the MIDIbox platform. In the process of this project I'm hoping to learn more about electronics, C programming, and hardware design in general. Also I'm hoping to have a lot of fun doing something which I can see and feel with my hands for a change.

I'm keeping a progress blog on my project in the MIDIbox forums. More information on what this is all about can be found in the MIDIbox wiki, and on uCApps.de, which is the site of the creator of the MIDIbox platform, Thorsten Klose.