Django 1.0

Saturday 28th of March, 2009 - 18:01 – Permalink

Today I finally got around to doing a behind the scenes upgrade to this site I've been planning for quite some time. When I originally set up this version of this site the Python-based Django framework was under heavy development, and version 1 wasn't released yet. That changed some time ago, and now, finally, my site is running Django 1.0 as well.

The upgrade went very smoothly, and thanks to the great Django documentation I had a handy list of what to do when upgrading to Django 1.0.

I'm hoping this will eventually lead to some other upgrades to this site, feature wise. I tend to have a lot of ideas for a bunch of stuff I could do, but I seldom have the time and determination to get these things done. I prefer do do less well than a lot poorly.

A few more words on Django and Python. I've worked professionally with a lot of different frameworks and languages, and I have yet to find anything that equals Python+Django in terms of having time to concentrate on what you want to do instead of trying to figure out how to get the language and/or framework to do it. Generally speaking, while biased, I can't really help but recommend trying out Django. The Django tutorial is a great place to start.


The electronics project I started around Christmas is still underway. It's progressing even more slowly than I anticipated, but I'm quite confident I'll reach my goal eventually. If all else fails the kids will ultimately grow big enough for me to do soldering when they are awake...